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Technical Executive

ROADCARE (M) SDN BHD Posted: 23 Month
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1)    Prepare monthly routine progress report (Executive Report).

2)    To assists Region Manager in the preparation of work programme and planning for routine maintenance works.

3)    To monitor and maintain budget allocation from client within the approved limit.

4)    To assist Regional Manager in compiling and checking the physical & financial progress including claim submission to the client and payment to subcontractors.

5)    To assist Regional Manager in the overall process of preparing, review, monitoring, coordinating and updating of maintenance activities to be carried out.

6)    To assist Regional Manager to ensure that all defects identified by Technical Inspector via Routine Inspection System (R.I.S) are inspected, reviewed and ensure necessary actions are taken immediately and verified.

7)    To conduct site inspection and site visit to ensure all subcontractor perform their works in accordance to Work Instruction Manual, Inspection & Testing Plan and specification.

8)    To assist Regional Manager to monitor all objectives and targets are met and complied as specified in the Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008)

9)    Prepare Monitoring R01&R02 by district, statistic pothole and achievement R01&R02 Region monthly as request by JKR

10) Prepare monthly Tracker ‘Piagam Pelanggan KKR/JKR’ & Format Log Complain.

11) Prepare and compiles monthly Format Log NCR & Summary Site Instruction (S.I) from Area Office.

12) Compile and check monthly Progress Date Work Done R03, R05 & R07 from Area Office.

13) Compile and check monthly Scorecard Subcontractor Routine Maintenance from Area Office.

14) Prepare and compile performance evaluation of subcontractor Routine & Periodic works.

15) Compile monthly Premix (Hotmix & Coldmix) & Crack Sealing Used Report Subcontractor and departmental from Area Office.

16) Supervises the maintenance team in performing the daily work.

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