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MARINA SALES, INC Posted: 22 Month
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College Graduate (Preferably specialized courses – Accounting)


  • At least three (3) years of related work experience
  • Flexible, Hardworking, Honest, Patient, Logical and Analytical Thinker, and Decisive.
  • With good supervisory/practical leadership skills, good communication skills, detail-oriented, ability to maintain a good working relationship with all co-workers and the external customers


Directly reporting to the Executive Vice President.


  • Follow-up of Overdue Invoices
  • Refer to OAR-full Invoice for the required data, prepare and transmit SOA for distribution to Sales Team. Prepare and send demand letters to non-paying customers.
  •  Reconciliation of Hanging Balances

A.     Prepare schedule of hanging balances per salesman/per division on a weekly basis (sent every Tuesday) for SOM perusal.

Nature of Hanging Balances

  1. Marketing Programs – all CM’s are being prepared by Billing Department after claiming from the principal.
  2. Returns BO, MRS, MS DS – Whereabouts of document such as the RS & RRM must be followed-up on promptly at MSI warehouse, to address possible issues of incorrect references; short on CM; short landed BO, etc.
  3. EWT/TCC Non-VAT – look for attached EWT/TCC and VAT Exemption Certificate by customer and BIR respectively. EWT Cert (F2307) must be collected 20 days after each taxable quarter.
  4. Prepares Reports as attached to the Demand Letters issued to Accounts – Uncollected EWT
  5. Display allowance – look for DA Contract.
  6. Miscellaneous – includes tag price, admin charges, and other petty expenses. It must be substantiated by bills, receipt, debit memo (DM) of account or any proof of deduction (photocopy of MSI OR). (Billing Department prepares the CM upon request from Salesman/Supervisor).
  7. Price Difference – coordinate with Billing Department to ensure validity of salesman’s claim, whether to be charged with MSI or with the respective principal.
  8. No Chance of Collection – validate and recommend to be written-off. (Approval with MCF)

B.     Analyze, Summarize, and request adjustment from Bookkeeper for items with available CM. Distribute to Salesman for reconciliation. Set due dates and meeting with the salesman if necessary. Advice accounting (Bookkeeper) for additional updating/adjustment to be taken.

  • Provide AR Reports (scheduled every Tuesday) for Management’s perusal.
  • Represent MSI in meeting with customers concerning Account Receivables
  • Salesmen Incentive Report Preparation
  • Prepare monthly reports on accounts receivables and hanging balances.
  • Prepare SOA’s and demand letters for overdue accounts.

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