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Benyuan Sdn. Bhd. Posted: 2 Month
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高薪诚聘 (high-paid jobs)

Kelantan (吉兰丹)
1. 人事书记 (Human Resources Admin)

工资范围:RM2200 - RM3000
Salary range: RM2200 - RM3000

主要职责 Main Responsibilities:
- 负责员工假期权利,核实和更新请假余额以及记录员工出勤
Responsible for staff leave entitlement, verify and update leave balance and record staff attendance
- 负责员工薪资核算
Responsible in payroll process
- 处理每月 EPF, SOCSO, SIP, PCB 付款
Process monthly EPF, SOCSO, SIP, PCB payment
- 负责公司员工招聘
In charge of company's hiring process
- 处理员工关系和纪律问题
To handle employee relations and disciplinary issues
- 拟制人事相关通告及文件
Draft HR related notices and documents
- 与所有政府部门联络,以确保符合政府的法定要求
Liaison with all government departments to ensure compliance with legal governmental requirements
- 处理其他行政工作
Handle other admin tasks

- 注意细节并具有解决问题的能力
Attention to detail and have problem-solving skills
- 能够完成多任务并在压力下很好地工作以按时完成任务
Able to multitask and work well under pressure to meet deadlines
- 学历:至少具有人力资源管理,工商管理/管理学士学位或文凭,或同等学历
Education Level: at least a Bachelor's Degree or Diploma in Human Resource Management, Business Administration/Management, or equivalent
- 所需技能:沟通能力,Microsoft Office,SQL Payroll
Skills required: Communication skills, Microsoft Office, SQL Payroll
- 语言要求:华文,英文,马来文
Language skills required: Mandarin, English, Bahasa Malaysia
- 有人事相关工作经验者优先 
Experience in Human Resources is preferred

联系电话 Contact number:
Office : 09-746 2978 (Office hours: 9.30am - 6.00pm (Sunday to Thursday) )
LISSA  : 0128116881 (Please Whatsapp if call was not answered) 

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