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Netforce International Inc

Chemical Engineer

Netforce International Inc Posted: 2 Month
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1. Perform chemical analysis and physical property testing of materials and products.

2. Using scientific, mathematical, and engineering principles to solve problems and improve processes.

3. Designing, proposing, implementing, reviewing, and correcting plans to ensure company goals are achieved.

4. Observing production processes, conducting research, and finding ways to increase efficiency and quality.

5. Using computers to compile and analyze data.

6. Establishing safety and waste management procedures.

7. Traveling to work sites and locations to learn about project needs and design, implement, troubleshoot, test, and improve processes, equipment, and facilities.

8. Assisting with establishing budgets and timelines.


1. Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.

2. Industry-specific knowledge may be required.

3. Strong understanding of chemistry, mathematics, biology, and engineering principles.

4. Computer literacy.

5. Exceptional problem solving, verbal and written communication, presentation, and project management skills.

6. Three to five years’ experience in a production or research environment & Sales.

7. Willing to assign to any site location.

Job Types: Full-time, Temporary, Permanent

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