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Porac Bank

Credit Analyst

Porac Bank Posted: 2 Month
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Job Objective

Conducts loan evaluation/analysis process and underwriting standards to assess the creditworthiness of borrowers, recommends internal credit ratings as well as to facilitate the packaging and structuring of loan.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Performs underwriting standards and comprehensive assessment of credit files and documents submitted by the borrower/co-borrower or manager;
  • Checks the appraisal report, collateral documents, financials, personal information, source of income, background investigation and the like including the acceptability and unacceptability of borrower ;
  • Prepares checklist of loan requirement for loan renewals to be forwarded to the Credit and Collection Manager;
  • Prepares borrower risk rating to assess creditworthiness and to risk grade the borrower;
  • Recommends the package and structure of the loan fitting for the borrower then prepares Credit Proposal Memo (CPM) to be forwarded and reported to the appropriate body;
  • Presents to the credit committee and/or board of directors (as requested) and makes appropriate recommendation of loan applications;
  • Performs the branch manager on the disapproval or approval of the loan and the approved loan covenant;
  • Prepares conformity for approval by the senior management;
  • Discuss thoroughly the terms and condition to the borrower, disclosure of charges and the like for mutual accord;
  • Prepares real estate mortgage (REM) and amendments thereof to be forwarded for checking to the Credit Support Specialist;
  • Prepares clearance for loan release for approval by the senior management to be furnished to the Credit Reviewer for review then to the Credit Operations Specialist before disbursement of loan.


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