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Porac Bank

Credit Support Staff

Porac Bank Posted: 2 Month
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Job Objective

Credit Support Staff is responsible for assisting Credit Analysts in conducting loan evaluation/analysis process and underwriting standards to assess the creditworthiness of borrowers, recommends internal credit ratings, and facilitates the packaging and structuring of loan.


Job Duties and Responsibilities 

•Assisting the CA in conducting preliminary assessment of loan applications

•Prepares checklist of loan requirements to be forwarded to the client

•Communicates to borrowers in regards to the documentary deficiencies of the applicant

•Handles concerns, queries, requests concerning loan application

•Assisting with  the verification and analysis of the borrower’s application which includes the validation of financial statements and preparation of financial analysis, cash flow analysis, CIR,  BRR to assess creditworthiness and to risk grade the borrower and other financial statements necessary for determining the borrower’s financial capacity


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