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Marketing Associate

Megaworld Global-Estate Inc. Posted: 2 Month
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Job Description:

-Oversees the cleanliness and upkeep of the Showrooms (reception and lounge areas, model units, etc.)

-Entertains clients/ guests in the showroom while waiting for their seller/broker (provides project information, handles client presentations, showroom tour, etc.)

-Attend to online inquiries and monitor update of inquiry with Sales

-Prepares periodic reports on showroom foot traffic, inventory management, and other Marketing and Sales Support

-Schedules and Coordinates Project Viewing/ Site Tripping

-Manning monitoring of Sales in Showrooms and Exhibit Sites

-Schedules and monitors the usage of the company vehicles

-Provides on-site support to sellers and brokers (printing of documents, distribution of forms, credit card transaction, etc.)

-Monitors Marketing Collaterals and Showroom Inventory

-Assists in the document transmittals to and from various showrooms and offices

-Ensures that all Safety and Sanitation Protocols are implemented in the showrooms

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