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Archadian Sdn Bhd

IT Compliance Executive

Archadian Sdn Bhd Posted: 2 Month
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SFIA Level: Level 4 - Works under general direction in a framework. Influence at account level, works on a broad range of complex activities. Good level of operational business skills. Familiar wih ISO 27001 and ISO 31000 

This role is to work with system owners and administrators to identify, document and monitor current IT security risk and controls, to perform assessment of technology related compliance issues across the organization including information security, identity management, user access and data integrity.


  •  Conduct quarterly review, align and update all IT related processes and documentation.
  • · Manage, control, validate, review and update all audit documentation to cater yearly ISMS, Internal Audit and Deloitte audit.
  • · Plan, develop and implement Cyber Threat & Crisis Management Plan.
  • · Provide coordination and reporting of IT Compliance, IT Risk Management, IT Audit, and Disaster Recovery functions.
  • · Research and implement new ISO to uplift the company compliance standard in all areas, not just limited to IT.


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