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Gama foods Corporation


Gama foods Corporation Posted: 3 Month
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  • Registered Nurse
  • At least 1year of working experience as a Nurse and/or health care work.
  • Computer Literate
  • Organized/Systematic
  • Good in Oral and Written Communication and can work under pressure


  • Sustain Safety and Health working environment.
  • Orient employees with regards to Health and Safety Practices in a workplace.
  • Attends health needs/problems/concerns of every employee on duty.
  • Provides proper medication and first aid to minor accidents that may happen during the shift.
  • Provides illness management. Provides information about how short-term illnesses like colds and flu spread and make recommendations. If followed, may reduce the number of employee who get sick and miss work due to illnesses.
  • Provides inventories to medical supply and medicines needed.
  • Provides documentations services for at-work injuries that can help with liability and worker’s compensation claims.
  • Checks the city health card status of every employee. Responsible for ensuring of renewal of employee’s City Health cards.

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