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Partnership/Executive Director

HATOYAMA GROUP LIMITED Posted: 2 Month Work From Home
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My Name is Mr. Kobayashi Koki, I'm an executive/representative of Hatoyama Group Limited (A Japanese Company). We are Investors who are keen to Invest and establish a large-scale future urban development project (MSC Project) and smart city in Singapore/Malaysia.

The Medical Science City (MSC) Project will be centred around Healthcare. With the increasing ageing population and Pandemic outbreak, there is a greater need to make a city that focuses on medical treatment /research and welfare. The city promises to offer high quality facilities that not only offer entertainment but safety and a peace of mind from natural disasters and crime.  

We will like to work with you on this project. My email is "k.koki "at"". Feel free to message me so that I share more details with you.

Thank You.

Koki Kobayashi - San

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