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Graphite Marketing Posted: 3 Month
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Fresh graduate are well known for having an entitled attitude whilst job hunting. This is reflected by the fact that they expect higher starting salaries and benefits. BUT they have lower knowledge and expertise. IT THAT YOU?? Here we are hiring for the peoole that not only want better saleries and benefits also hone their knowledge and expertise in problem solving skills, management skills and communication skills.


Your Job:

1. Understand basic product knowledge to meet potential customers.

2. Attend and learn business education provided.

3. Advertising client product correctly to customers.

4. Attend daily development training.

5. Build and sustain strong mentality in business world.


Seeking For:

1. Willing to learn basis system for improvement.

2. Excited on learning for new knowledge.

3. Have strong mentality and work ethics.

4. Able to work in team.

5. Be on time person.


Your Rewards:

1. Free Business Education Program.

2. Uncapped season bonuses.

3. Professional 1 on 1 development training.

4. Global recognized certificates in business program.

5. Fast track career growth.


Change the minded that you always use for better self improvement. APPLY NOW to hone your knowledge and skills to get better salaries and benefits that your expect!!!

Thank you...


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