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Animation Designer

AirClass Posted: 4 Month Work From Home
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Job responsibility:

1 Produce 2D animations and Spine animations according to animation scripts or demand texts.

2 Independent packaging of kinetic effects according to screen requirements.

3 Able to produce shots aesthetically and with a good command of camera language.

4 Ability to adapt to different styles of animation production.

Job requirements:

1 2 years' experience in animation, familiar with the laws of motion, excellent animation rhythm and creativity, good sense of rhythm.

2 Proficiency in using animation production software such as AN, AE, Spine, DragonBones, PR, AN, Spine preferred.

3 Good at children's animation production, experience in children's product category industry, game industry is preferred.

4 Strong communication skills and good teamwork spirit.

5 Please attach your portfolio to your resume

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