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Reuse Technician

Avitus Kidney Care and Dialysis Center Corporation Posted: 4 Month
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a)       Set up and operates hemodialysis machine to provide dialysis treatment to patients.

b)       Reprocess and maintain potency of the dialyzer before and after the treatment of the patient.

c)       Mixing of different solutions and chemical that are being use for the reprocessing machines and reprocessing of dialyzer, machine and center maintenance.

d)       Monitoring and Reverse Osmosis machine and reprocessing machine

e)       Maintain dialysis machines integrity and function

f)        Troubleshooting minor machine problems as device and ordered by the Technical Head, Clinical manager.

a)       Checking, monitoring and documenting results of RO machine, specifically TDS and rejection fraction of RO system.

b)       Assist in hemodialysis initiation and termination

c)       Provide assistance in monitoring and safekeeping of treatment supplies and stocks

d)       Perform backwashing of filters

e)       Performs pipe and machine disinfection with chemical

f)        Perform mixing of bicarbonate and citric acid

g)       Assist on transferring patients


  1. College graduate or NCII Passer
  2. With or without experience , but knowledge in the operation of Dialysis Machine is a plus.
  3. Has the ability to work independently and self - motivated.

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