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Security Officer

Kuala Lumpur Pavilion Posted: 5 Month
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1. To monitor and patrol via view-screens and to take any remedial or immediate action and notification as appropriate to events seen.

2. To ensure all equipment is functioning correctly, carry out equipment checks as required, and to report immediately on any malfunction.

3. To record all events and actions taken in a clear and legible format and ensure the records are maintained in proper order for easy retrieval.

4. Assist to monitor all security operation in ensuring the safety of the Mall’s visitors, customers, tenants and staffs.

5. Must be familiar with the operation of CCTV Systems and basic fault diagnosis

6. Possess knowledge of security work and procedures

7. Experienced in the use of computer-based technology to provide reports on the system

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: RM1,200.00 - RM1,500.00 per month

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