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Meridian Shipping and Container Carrier, Inc.

Fourth Engineer

Meridian Shipping and Container Carrier, Inc. Posted: 6 Month
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Reports to:                                            Master

                                                               Chief Engineer

                                                               Second Engineer

                                                               Third Engineer



Supervises:                                            Oilers

                                                              Engine Cadets                                                                                         


Position:                                             1. Auxiliary Engineer



Duties and Responsibilities:


1.      Performs the operation and maintenance of the Auxiliary Engines, Machinery and equipment.

2.      Carries out daily test of the high and low Lube-oil pressure/level alarms and bilge alarms.

3.      Carryout repairs of Diesel Generators, with the approval of senior engineers. 4. Performs cleaning and maintenance of Lube-oil purifiers.

4.      Performs care and maintenance of the Emergency Diesel Generator (if available).

5.      Responsible for receiving, and storing of bunker and other chemicals.

6.      Secondary Assistant during bunkering operations.

7.      Carries-out routine maintenance activities according to Planned Maintenance Schedules. 9. Ensures cleanliness and safety around the Diesel Generator surroundings.

8.      Carries-out tests of Lifeboat Motors check functions of Funnel Fire Dampers and Engine Room Ventilation flaps.

9.      To comply with SOLAS and the SMS as defined in the Company's Policy.

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