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GHS Dining

Assistant Manager

GHS Dining Posted: 6 Month
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·        Initiate the service of guests.

·        Delegate and monitor of the service of each guest.

·        Assure the quality of the food/beverage/service is being delivered.

·        Improvise measure against the feedback of guest in relate to Food, Beverage and Service by applying Standard Protocol.

·        Delegate and assure the restaurant is ready for service for each shift.

·        Ensure a smooth co-ordination between staff and their assigned daily duties is carries out.

·        Assess and analyse staff performance by understanding of their appearance, grooming, punctuality, and product knowledge. Thereafter, apply tailoring coaching individually.



Duties and Responsibilities

·        He/she shall constantly strive to be excellent in service.

·        He/she embrace a work of a team and honour to work as a team. Not limited to the service team only but in general. Valet, Service and Culinary as a whole.

·        He/she assure all the items are in places, spotless, in condition and service ready.

·        He/she ensure the Opening and Closing Checklist as set by the management is in practise.

·        He/she must be attentive and willing to perform duties assign by the Manager.

·        General maintenance of all operating materials, equipment’s, and machinery.

·        Co-lead the training and coaching of staff for the knowledge of food, beverage, service, as well as the hygiene and safety as per set by the authority.

·        Co-lead and monitoring customer satisfaction with Chef Owner and Restaurant Manager of any Food and Beverage items serves.

·        Understand and execute it, when necessary, in related to the fire and life safety by applying emergency procedures.

·        Maintains awareness of daily Revenue; suggest, discuss of necessity.

·        Maintains a high level of hygienic conditions of the entire dining area; regardless.

·        Understand, practice and co-ordinate the work relationship between Kitchen, Service and Steward.

·        In Charge of Staff Duty Roster and managing the leave application. (Culinary team inclusive upon Chef Owner’s approval)

·        In Charge of Beverage Ordering

·        In Charge of Breakage control. Apply precaution standard to prevent unnecessary expenditure.

·        Must be ready to clean; Not limited to the incidents causes by the guests, also include of cleaning of utensils, if.

·        Cashiering

·        Other timely duties as assign by the management.

·        Honouring death line of duties as assigned by the management.

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