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Frontend Developer (Jamstack, Reactjs)

Monstar Lab Cebu Posted: 6 Month
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Job Responsibilities:

  • Design, implement, and manage statically generated websites, and interfaces from initial design and architecture through development, test, and deployment.
  • Work in tandem with other developers to implement and maintain features and functionality
  • Provide advice about functionality on projects using our chosen JAMStack technologies (Stackbit, Gatsby, Netlify, NextJS)
  • Research, establish, and enforce code and design standards for maintainability, usability, and accesibility
  • Develop and deploy client-side web interface components that are statically generated, served on a serverless architecture, and integrate with Client's web, authentication, and authorization infrastracture
  • Collaborate with visual and user experience designers, senior and architect level developers, digital strategists, and project managers to create sophisticated digital experiences using technologies such as React, Gatsby, NextJS, Stackbit, and Netlify
  • Work in an agile environment that includes, stand ups, story grooming, and peer review
  • Create accessible, semantically correct, responsive front-ends that function properly across all major browsers and devices
  • Mentor others in modern web component-oriented development practices using technologies including React, NextJS, GraphQL, and Gatsby
  • Implement user interfaces with personalization and contextualization from third party user data
  • Maintain and support third party integrations including Aloglia, Oracle IDCS, and Client custom built APIs
  • Contribute to project and technical documentation



  • Component-oriented development using React/Gatsby/NextJS or equivalent
  • Mobile-first and responsive design principles using front-end frameworks that rely on ES6/9
  • Able to balance progressive enhancement and graceful degradation approaches
  • WCAG 0 AA web accessibility standards, including the use of semantic HTML and ARIA
  • API Integrations
  • Understanding of static site generation build processes
  • Familiarity with AWS LAMBDA Functions and microservice architecture
  • Familiarity with Netlify or equivalent serverless architecture
  • Experience working with REST APIs, JSON and GraphQL
  • Working with Git and feature/branch workflows and continuous delivery

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