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Junior Brand Representative

Astral Marketing Posted: 6 Month
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I thought it was easy to place myself in a well-known company but not that easy as I think just because I don’t have any experiences in office management field.  Not want to lie anyone here, but I was so tiring when my applications have been rejected by most of companies.  But, I won’t give up to just apply all job opportunities until Trid3nt Group called me for an interview.  I joined the team, I am experiencing the best culture where I not only focus on my sales but keep an eyes to learn about management, leadership and communication skills.


Seeking for:

1.    Ready to experience and develop new skills.

2.    Wildly optimistic and show confident.

3.    Have own directions and clear vision.

4.    Well communicated and presented.

5.    Business mentality graduates.


Your Missions:

1.    Conduct presentations to potential customers on the benefits of client’s campaign.

2.    Discover customers; needs and offer solution through the company’s service.

3.    Guide and help new trainees to understand sales systems.

4.    Provide better solutions for your team.

5.    Work and manage territory correctly.


What You Will Obtained:

1.    Establishing network access countries.

2.    Fast track paved career advancement with proven results.

3.    Worldwide business education program.

4.    Recognised skills certification program in leadership, management and marketing.

5.    Fun trip to make more money.


If your applications are always being rejected, click the APPLY.  We won’t reject you because we believe you are the right person to join the team.


Thank you and stay safe.

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