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Warehouse Operator

Panmatex Trading Sdn Bhd Posted: 7 Month
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Warehouse Operator Responsibilities:

  • Signing for shipments upon receipt and verifying that the correct merchandise has been received.
  • Thoroughly inspecting merchandise for any damages and discrepancies.
  • Maintaining an accurate record of all merchandise received and distributed.
  • Contacting suppliers or distributors to resolve any shipment or delivery issues.
  • Use forklifts, hand carts, or pallet jacks to load, unload, move, stack, and arrange merchandise accordingly.
  • Strategically storing merchandise to maximize storage space within the warehouse.
  • Weighing merchandise and selecting appropriate envelopes, boxes, containers, or crates in which to pack merchandise.
  • Promptly processing distribution orders or requests, which includes retrieving specified merchandise from storage as well as packing, sealing, and labelling merchandise accordingly.

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