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Junior Sales Leader

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Reported there's over 30,000 company have shut down since the global pandemic hit us. Everyone is affected but here we are offering a whole new platform for you to achieve all the goals that have been postponed or cancelled in this period of time. So, instead of focusing on your losses would you like to take this as an opportunity to breakthrough all the possibilities? Read on!


Location  : Kota Kinabalu,  Sabah

What you need to do?

- face to face marketing 

- rise client's brand awareness 

- expand your circle of possibilities (recruit)

- become the guidelines for your people


Our demands : 

- surpassed minimum SPM Bahasa Melayu 

- able to communicate well in Bahasa and English

- self-driven

- learner mentality 


Benefits :

- training opportunity by successful people in the business 

- weekly incentive fully based on your performance 

- unlocked new skills

- worldwide touring 


Position : Junior Sales Leader



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