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Security Officer

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  1. Has a direct impact on the recovery of asset in the secured area.
  2. Enforce all the rules and regulations as set forth by Unique Gold Palace Sdn Bhd in a just, prudent, fair , reasonable, and impartial manner within the confines of and consistent with local, state and federal laws.
  3. The security officer must be fully aware of his/her limitations, prohibitions and responsibilities in carrying out these duties.
  4. Familiar with all standing orders which are to be followed by all officers during duty hours and specific orders; those which pertain to a particular post or assignment. Familiar with all policies, rules, regulations, directives, orders and procedures as set forth by Unique Gold Palace Sdn Bhd.
  5. To remain knowledgeable of current law enforcement and security practices and administration.
  6. Ability to communicate effectively in written or oral form.
  7. Establish a friendly atmosphere and understand Public Relations.

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