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Senior Full-Stack Developer

Suyuncdn Posted: 7 Month Work From Home
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Company name: SuyunCDN


Title of position: Senior Full-Stack Developer


Position type: Full Time, Part Time, or Contractual


Pay range: $1,800


Location: Remote


Preferred Qualifications:


●       Graduated in any IT related course

●       Eager to build the best intuitive, high-performing applications


Description of responsibilities:


●       Contribute to ideas or ways to improve existing products while assisting in building and optimize both new features as well as entirely new products

●       Can test the application before deployment into production

●       Must be self-driven, highly enthusiastic about web development technology, and can take the lead on projects from product to completion

●       Must be updated on the latest developments in web applications and programming languages.

●       Designing and developing APIs.


Required experience:

●       An Experienced Full-Stack developer (Preferably with Vue, Django, Microservice)

●       3 or more years of experience building/maintaining production-level website with frontend and backend technology

●       5 or more years in coding JavaScript and Backend Engineering experience

●       Familiar with Github, Chrome DevTools, Python, Django, Linux, CentOS, and Microservice

●       Knowledgeable about how to use different cloud services platforms

●       Extensive Knowledge on CDN system, Cloudflare, DDoS, DevOps, Operations, Telecommunications

●       Mobile app development

●       ModSecurity


Required skills:

●       Product-minded

●       Able to grasp new concepts quickly and efficiently.

●       Proficient/Expert Time Management Skill

●       Decisiveness - Advance

●       Problem Solving Skill- Advance

●       Communication Skill - Advance

●       Resourceful

●       Team-oriented personality

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