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Campaign Ambassador

Solace Marketing Posted: 17 Month
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We are an outsourced sales and marketing company that represents MNCs clients to help raise brand awareness and sales revenue through face to face marketing. 

The role will be to reach out to the consumer to build the brand for the client that we are representing. Eventually, you will be groomed to lead a team and a client for us

What will you be doing in the beginning stage?
- Learning the ropes of doing sales and marketing
- Representing big clients in the most professional behavior you can have
- Creating awareness and able to explain the product or service our client is providing

Intermediate stage
- Coaching and developing others
- 5 to 7 people under your wing
- Overseas exposure to learn from the best in our group

Advance stage
- Developing system and coaching manuals for new clients
- Strategize different channels and approaches- 15 to 20 people under your wings
- Creating new business platform for our company

What's in it for you
- 1 on 1 mentorship
- Travelling opportunities (not during the covid)
- No prior experience needed

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This Job is expired, try similar: Sales Assistant (Indian Boutique Store), DIGITAL MARKETING SUPERVISOR, MARKETING EXECUTIVE RENOVATION.