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Client Sales Representatives (Immediate Starter)

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Do you always feel like giving up? Do you always think that you could not get through your challenges? Do you always feel as if you’re not doing enough? These thoughts haunt you down all the time and make it difficult for you to keep on moving forward?

It’s a miserable feeling when you are not able to buy your favorite Nike sneakers. It is devastating when you are not able to buy your mom's favorite food. It is hard breaking when your little one asked for a toy but you are not able to buy it because you need to save up your money. And for some people, they could not even buy their own loaf of bread to feed their hunger. This pandemic has turned down some people's life upside down. One day you have all the things you want and the next day you only have few pennies left. What should I do?

It’s okay my friend to have those feelings and thoughts. But do not let it sink you into The End. Derek Redmond does not allow his torn hamstring to become the reason for him giving up. Instead, while enduring his pain to the finishing line, his biggest support system which is his Dad came to help him move forward and reach the finishing line.

That’s why in NX Dimension, we provide you the continuous support to help everyone Moving Forward and achieve their dream. Let’s go beyond our limit and search for our own capability that we ourselves did not realize. Taking the first step is not easy. Hence, let us become the platform for you to take your first step coming out from your sorrow and challenges.

Do not let yourself down and keep on pushing yourself just like Derek. Let’s find the support system that you need here and allow us to guide you to climb your success ladder for your career.

Being a science graduate, never occurred in my mind that I would be in the Sales & Marketing industry. However, being a fresh graduate that wanted to seek experiences, I took my first step into this business. Here, I received a great support system both from my Leaders and my colleagues which help me to discover my own capability beyond my own expectation especially in managing my own team. – Syahira, NX Dimension

A lot of young entrepreneurs and successful people like Derek have been born here and YOU might be the next one. Don’t wait for you to get injured first when you can avoid the pain of being jobless by being part of our team. 

Send your application now to find your own support system. All the best!

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