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Teamworks ABA Therapy Inc.

Special Child Therapist

Teamworks ABA Therapy Inc. Posted: 7 Month
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Teaching socialization, language, cognitive, motor skills and activities of daily living to young children with autism (CWA), ages 2 to 10 years old through individualized early intervention, home-based Behavioral Modification Programs.

• Plan and execute ABA therapy programs in accordance to assessed needs as guided by the Program Manager.
• Implement behavior management techniques in conjunction with plan
• Reinforce all concepts taught and ensure that patients understand the need for plan execution
• Assist patients with tasks of daily living such as food intake and medication administration
• Assist in developing core ABA programs
• Provide families with support, guidance and education
• Collect and analyze pertinent data for each patient
• Respond to patients’ physical and psychological needs
• Encourage patients to indulge in social activities
• Maintain patient confidentiality at all times
• Ensure that all patient data is file properly
• Create and implement activities and encourage patients’ participation in the same
• Ensure that any aggressive behavior is handled with absolute tact
• Evaluate the effectiveness of treatment programs and propose needed changes
• Assist patients in acquiring academic or life skills
• Write progress reports and report any unusual findings
• Assist in creating instructional materials aimed at patient progress and learning
• Attempt to reduce patients’ socially inappropriate behavior
• Make preparations for assessments and ensure that assessments are carried out in a fair manner
• Manage crises situations by employing diplomacy
• Ensure the safety and comfort of each patient at all times

• Attends and participates in meetings and other company events

• Follows company’s policies and procedures

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