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印尼客服(Indonesia Customer Service)

LXY (M) SDN BHD Posted: 16 Month
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1. 负责与印尼的供应商及平台提供商联系沟通;

2. 负责与印尼客户沟通;

3. 根据部门需求完成相应工作。



1. 印尼人或印尼华人(地道的印尼口音)优先

2. 目前在馬來西亞(沙巴)居住為優先

3. 能根据部门的业务需要,灵活变通地与平台商和客户做好沟通服务

4. 熟悉电脑操作,會基本打字要求為優先


Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for communication with suppliers and platform providers in Indonesia;

2. Responsible for communicating with Indonesian customers;

3. Complete the corresponding work according to the needs of the department.

job requirements:

1. Indonesian or Indonesian Chinese (authentic Indonesian accent) preferred

2. Currently living in Malaysia (Sabah) is a priority

3. Able to communicate with platform vendors and customers flexibly and flexibly according to the business needs of the department

4. Familiar with computer operation, basic typing requirements are preferred

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