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Embedded Software Engineer / Firmware Engineer

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Pingspace is a robotics startup that strives to automate the warehousing industry through the use of robotics and intelligence. Pingspace is developing state of an art robotics storage system that can reduce overhead, reduce warehouse storage space and increase warehouse fulfillment rate. We deal with complex algorithms and cutting-edge technologies.
We are looking for talented Firmware Engineers to join our embedded software engineering team. You will be working with our embedded software team to design real-time embedded software for the control system of robotic vehicles compromising various sensors and actuators. We plan and design wireless communication systems for high-reliability and density use cases.
Pingspace is comprised of talented people who are filled with energy and passion. We strive to be the best at what we do to achieve our mission of fully automating the warehousing industry one day.


  • Design, code, integrate, test, configure, and document code development.  
  • Proficient in writing/develop codes using the C programming language  
  • Experience with build tools such as make / CMake  
  • Experience in designing real-time embedded software   
  • Able to create real-time embedded software with state machine flow or some form of RTOS framework  
  • Have a good understanding of ARM architecture microcontrollers such as STM32  
  • The added value of having hands-on experience on ESP32 SoC   
  • Comfortable working with an interface such as SPI, I2C, PWM, UART   
  • Have understanding and experience in socket programming  
  • Able to use GIT for code development and familiar / has hands-on experience merge, rebase, cherry-pick and able to follow standard git workflow such as feature, test, hot-fix, release branching   
  • have experience in debugging embedded system code and familiar with the semi-hosting method 
  • The added value of having some knowledge in motion (wheel-driven) control algorithms 


  • A coffee machine at the pantry for everyone to have a cup of it
  • Be yourself - own dress code (Just make sure decently dressed)
  • Employee Empowerment


*Salary is negotiable*

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