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Siew Mei Posted: 1 Month
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Looking for Professional Home Cook (Mainly on Fujian Cuisine)

Requirement: Manage to communicate in Mandarin

Location: Tangling, Singapore

Monthly salary: $2500 - $3500 (subject to experience)

Working hours: Mon-Sun, 2 days off per month

1. Responsible for lunch and dinner at home (about 6-8 people), occasionally guests come may need help preparing the dishes.

2. If necessary, prepare a light meal for next day breakfast.

3. Mainly to Chinese flavor (Mainly Fujian food), pasta, Western food, seafood, know the simple knowledge of balanced nutrition.

4. Think about the menu in advance every day and tell the owner.

5. Responsible for buying food and selecting ingredients.

6. Priority for experienced, have been a chef or professional cook.




工作地點: 东陵,新加坡

月薪: $2500 - $3500 (视经验而定)


1.       负责家里的午餐和晚餐(大概6-8人),偶尔有客人来也需要帮忙准备料理。

2.       如有需要,需准备隔天早餐的简餐和便当。

3.       主要以中式口味(福建菜为主),面食,西餐,海鲜,懂得膳食平衡营养的简单知识。

4.       每天提前构思菜单,并告诉东家。

5.       负责买菜,选食材。

6.       经验丰富,有做过厨师或专业厨子的,优先考虑。


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