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LXY (M) SDN BHD Posted: 17 Month
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1. 保洁员与员工礼貌相待,互相尊重
2. 良好的职业道德,诚信正直
3. 良好的沟通协调能力和团队协作经验

Job requirements
1. Cleaners and employees treat each other politely and respect each other
2. Good professional ethics, integrity and integrity
3. Good communication and coordination skills and teamwork experience

1. 负责大厦公共区及办公室内保洁管理工作
2. 根据人流量多少随时做好保洁工作,并定时巡视重点区域
3. 管理范围干净整洁;如:公司走廊地面及门窗,楼梯和扶手,男女卫生间
4. 协助完成上级交办的其他日常事务性工作

Job description:
1. Responsible for the cleaning and management of the public area and office of the building
2. Do a good job of cleaning at any time according to the flow of people, and regularly inspect key areas
3. The management scope is clean and tidy; such as: company corridor floor and doors and windows, stairs and handrails, men's and women's bathrooms
4. Assist in completing other daily tasks assigned by superiors

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