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高管特助(Special Assistant)

LXY (M) SDN BHD Posted: 13 Month
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  • 協助上司進行專案活動之安排
  • 負責重要客戶接待,以及行程安排
  • 協助主管翻譯商務文件,並在對外業務洽談上擔任翻譯工作
  • 行政事務流程之溝通、整合及規劃
  • 會議記錄、專案追踨、主管交辦事項等。
  • 有出海外工作意願者為佳

Description of job:

  • Work under the leaders of the company and establish extensive contacts with all sectors of society through exchanges and communication.
  • Develop and maintain public relations inside and outside the company, expand the company's network information resources and build an effective communication platform.
  • Assist the leader in the organization, coordination and reception of major events.
  • Assist the company to maintain and cooperate with customers.
  • Participate in the emergency handling and aftermath of major company incidents.
  • Those who are willing to go abroad are preferred

Job Requirements


  • 細心細緻,認真負責
  • 有團隊協作精神,處理團隊成員的後勤事件
  • 良好溝通/危機處理能力
  • 有良好的文字功底,善於溝通、協調
  • 有良好的人際關係處理能力,態度積極,溝通協調能力佳、有執行能力和獨立辦事能力

Work requirements:

  • Detail-oriented and responsible
  • Possess teamwork spirit and handle the logistics of team members
  • Good communication/crisis handling skills
  • Have good writing skills, good at communication and coordination.
  • Have good interpersonal relationship handling skills, a positive attitude, good communication and coordination skills, executive ability and independent work ability

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