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Silkron Technology Sdn Bhd

Embedded Software Engineer

Silkron Technology Sdn Bhd Posted: 17 Month
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-To design and develop web-based, cloud and mobile applications as well as specific solutions based on customer requirements.
-To design and develop smart vending embedded applications, UI/UX and software plugins. 设计与开发智能售货机和嵌入式应用软件、UI/UX 和软件插件。
-To perform research on new technology and upcoming trend. 对新技术和新趋势进行研究。
-To provide consultancy and next-level support to the global customers. 为全球客户提供咨询和支援。


-Candidate graduated from the course of Bachelor's Degree/Post Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree/ Advanced Diploma in Computer Science, Engineering (Software), Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication), Engineering (Electrical/Electronic), Engineering (Internet & Multimedia Computing) or equivalent. 电脑工程、软件工程、电气/电子工程、电脑科学或相等的学位或高级文凭。
-English & Mandarin are COMPULSORY on verbal and written as Mandarin is a medium for communications in dealing with China customers and partners. 实用的英语和汉语的口头和书写沟通能力
-Practical knowledge in MVC is an advantage. MVC的实用知识是最优选的
-Practical knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an advantage.
-Practical knowledge in embedded development and electrical/electronics are most preferable.
-Knowledge in IOT architecture is an added advantage. 对IOT的了解是一个额外的优势
-Knowledge in Node.js framework such as Express, Socket.IO are added advantage. Node.js 的知识,例如Express,Socket.IO,增加了优势
-Strong programming skill in PHP, Java or C / C++ or Python. 擅长用 C/C++ 或 Java 或 Python 编写程序。
-Knowledge in SQL-based relational database and MySQL or SQLite is preferable. 基于SQL的关系数据库和 MySQL 和 SQLite 的知识是可取的
-Experience in Linux, Apache, Javascript & AJAX are added advantage. Linux 和嵌入式操作系统的经验是额外优势。
-Mobile app development in Android / iOS / / Embedded OS are added advantage. Android,iOS / Embedded OS中的移动应用程序开发具有额外的优势
-Passionate and enthusiastic in software engineering and new technology. 对软件开发和崭新科技的热忱。

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