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Fairview International School Posted: 17 Month
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Nature of Role


The HOD is responsible for the subject specific delivery and implementation based on the IB Standards and practices as well as IB MYP Subject guide, throughout the five years of MYP. The HOD reports to the MYP Coordinator and is expected to be actively providing support in:

●       Developing curriculum statements and practice consistent with the IB MYP standards and practices

●       Establishing communication with subject teachers and in relation to curriculum content, documentation and teaching methods

●       Leading subject teachers in all Fairview campuses in terms of pedagogical implementation and ensure that work is aligned to MYP practices at large

●       Raising awareness among the school community of the rich experience the programme has to offer


Dimensions of the Role



●       Ensure copies of the IB publications (especially the subject guides) and new updates are available to all subject teachers

●       Establish, maintain a record of, and assess quality of completed written curriculum (i.e. Unit Plans, Scheme of Work, Lesson Plans, Assessments and others)

●       Lead the process of developing the subject’s Scope and Sequence documents based on requirements of the IB MYP

●       Ensure that the essential agreements, meeting agenda, meeting minutes are formulated for weekly video conference and all department meetings

●       Maintain records of internal and external assessments for at least seven years

●       Develop standard procedures for internal standardization

●       Adhere to formal procedures in preparation for moderation and exam certification (internal or external)

●       Analyse data for each formative and summative assessment

●       Study exam reports and devise action plans accordingly to achieve targets


Professional Development

●       Plan for suitable topics in weekly video conference

●       Make recommendations regarding internal and external training opportunities

●       Liaise with subject teachers who have attended any external training or workshop to share best practices and knowledge with the department





Resource Management

●       Make recommendations for the purchase of suitable resources to support the implementation of MYP subject

●       Establish an inventory of resources to facilitate efficient management

●       Identify local people and resources that can be used to support the programme



●       Set up systems for communication and collaboration within the department (i.e. Google drive, ManageBac CT page, emails, WhatsApp group)

●       Assist in conducting parent information sessions or Open Day when the need arises

●       Publish articles pertaining to the subject in the school newsletter and as separate curriculum articles

●       Circulate relevant information from the IB

●       Assist, prepare, facilitate meetings for required evaluation documentation and submit any documentation required for evaluation

●       Respond to requests for information (eg. questionnaires) from the IB as instructed by the coordinator

●       Extend contacts and provide outreach to the wider community of learners through IB Resource Center discussion forums, school visits, email contact, and maintain links with other subject teachers from IB MYP schools in the region



Main Responsibilities


The major responsibilities of the HOD include:


●       Work collegially with the MYP Coordinator and the campus leadership team to support the school’s vision, mission and philosophy as well as its curricular and philosophical commitments as an IB World School

●       Meet regularly with the MYP Coordinator or senior management team to review subject blueprints, teacher performance and student achievement

●       Perform QAT and make appropriate recommendations for subject teachers in terms of needs and support

●       Interview teachers for hiring and students for enrolment

●       Support and guide subject teachers with the planning, development and evaluation of their teaching

●       Ensure regular monitoring of students’ progress in their IB MYP subjects and keep appropriate records (i.e. intermediate monitoring template, data analysis, watch list, action plan)

●       Design alongside subject teachers an appropriate support programme with suitable materials and resources

●       Network local and global relationships with schools and educators

●       Help to organize curriculum based information sessions for a variety of audiences including staff, students and parents

●       Prepare and update the school’s IB MYP subject publications and records

●       Support and deliver ongoing subject-based professional development through horizontal and vertical articulation

●       Participate in the staff appraisal process as and when required with the guidance of the MYP Coordinator and to provide necessary supporting documents

●       Be aware of the curriculum and connection between primary, middle years, and the diploma programme to bridge the gap in terms of academics and skills

●       Ensure the subject curriculum material is ready for verification and evaluation by IB and School Board and Authorities



Key Position Requirements

The following are seen as requirements of the role:

●       An understanding of the developmental needs of children from 11 to 16 years

●       A commitment to and knowledge of the Middle Years Programme (MYP)

●       Strong subject specific knowledge

●       Excellence in teaching practice

●       Effective communication and managerial skills

●       Collaborative nature





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