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Gabon Wood Industries Posted: 25 Days
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Responsible in setting the boundary of forest harvesting based on the approved terrains by the local authority, submission of periodic Forestry Management Plan and ensure forest harvesting complies with the Company’s standard safety procedures and rules and regulations of Forestry Department.


Primary Roles and Responsibilities


1.     To perform clear boundary marking as stated below, for log harvesting activities as per the approved terrains by the local authority.

a.    To perform the Coupe boundary line as per the target set by Camp In-charge

b.    To count trees by parcel

c.    To conduct Layonnage as per the target set by Camp In-Charge

d.    To perform the Bloc boundary line as per the target set by Camp In-Charge

e.    To rebrush boundary line every three months once


2.     To perform on-site inspection on forest area prior to the marking of boundary into respective “blocks” ie identifying the terrain, river, hill site etc.


3.     To conduct survey on each block prior to the commencing of logging activities.


4.     To identify the most ideal path for logs to be transported from the forest to the stumping station.


5.     To conduct re-survey on each block after commencement of logging activities.


6.     To report to the Camp-in-charge on daily basis on logging work progress for each block.


7.     At each block of identified forest, ensure trees are being harvested before closing the block, reduce impact logging and no logs are abandoned at site.


8.     To conduct ad-hoc on-site inspection to check for intruders or illegal loggers in our logging forest.


9.     To perform on-site inspection on tree stand, ground, road, river, Village Bridge etc. for “coupe community areas” and submit report to the Management for decision making.


10.  Ensure logging activities compliances with the safety standards and Gabon Forestry rules and regulations.


11.  Responsible in managing and supervise the Forestry Management Team.


12.  To ensure Forestry Management Team follow forestry rules and regulations to avoid any penalty from the Authority.


13.  To work closely with Camp-in-charge, providing daily and monthly updates and essential reports on time especially on photos reporting on the logging activities.


14.  To assist Camp-in-charge in managing the forest during his absence.


15.  To ensure Forestry Management Team taking care of Company assets such as GPS device, tools and etc.


16.  Responsible in providing accurate periodic inventory report based on Forest Management Plan to the Forestry Department.


17.  To highlight and report to the Camp-in-charge on an illegal activities in the forest either on logging or hunting activities, pilferage, etc.


18.  To stay inside the bush when is necessary.


19.  Required to work long hours when there is a dry season.


20.  To perform any other duties and responsibilities which may be assigned from time to time.


Technical Competencies


1.         Basic French speaking.

2.         Knowledge on forestry rules and labour law of Gabon.

3.         Possess more than 5 years working experience in logging operations.

4.         Knowledge on GPS, Compass and Clinometer

5.         Management skills.

6.         Rigorous and vigilance




Behavioral Competencies


1.         Result orientated and resilient

2.         Leadership and interpersonal skills

3.         Analytical, identifying, decision making and problem solving skills.

4.         Friendly and positive attitude.

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