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John Clements Recruitment Inc.

PCO with PNP compliance experience

John Clements Recruitment Inc. Posted: 10 Days
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Compliance with Environmental Regulations: PCOs understand and implement procedures and regulations to comply with environmental regulations and laws related to the transportation industry. This includes emission standards for exhaust gases and wastewater and waste disposal methods.

Monitoring and Reporting: PCOs regularly monitor the environmental performance of transportation facilities and equipment, and create appropriate reports. This includes monitoring air and water quality, measuring emissions, and managing records of regulatory compliance.

Implementation of Environmental Management Systems: PCOs introduce environmental management systems to promote measures that minimize the environmental impact of transportation activities. This includes improving energy efficiency, utilizing renewable energy, and recycling or reusing waste.

Communication with Regulatory Authorities: PCOs collaborate closely with local and national environmental regulatory authorities to obtain information on regulatory changes and the implementation of new regulations, providing support to ensure that companies can respond appropriately.

Work experience at a manufacturer as a PCO
Work experience in the manufacturing industry as a PCO
Work experience in dealing with PNP compliance
Experience with a Japanese company
Experience in a Logistics Company

The position needed is ASAP

Monday to Saturday | 830  - 1830

The company will provide transportation allowance by payment of actual expenses
15 SL 15 VL
With Bonus, HMO, OT, and company events 3x a year (Christmas, Halloween, team building, kids program activities)

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