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SBS Philippines Corporation

Accounts Receivable Analyst (for Swan Insurance)

SBS Philippines Corporation Posted: 3 Month
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Compensation Range : up to Php 18,000 

To start on: 18th September 2023




General Function


The Accounts Receivable Analyst of the General Accounting Section of the Reports and Accounting Division is responsible in the recording, billing and reconciliation of all Accounts Receivable Account Trade and Non-Trade, Intercompany Accounts, and Employee Accounts. Prepare accrual and adjustments periodically and ensure that subsidiary ledger balances with the General Ledger.


Specific Duties and Responsibilities


Daily Routine


1.       Prepares journal entries of all revenues and accrual of unbilled revenue accounts and have it verified and approved before posting

2.       Issues Sales Invoice, Service Invoices and Billings, have it verified and approved by the authorized signatories;

3.       Forward signed invoices to customers and ensures the same is received and acknowledged by the customer on time;

4.       Prepares summary of Invoices daily, weekly and monthly and annually;

5.       Reconcile records with customers and ensured that subsidiary ledgers balanced with general ledger;

6.       Post all payments received from cash flow analyst and ensures posting to the right invoice reference and to the customer account;

7.       Maintain records of all Employee Accounts and ensures completeness and balances with the General Ledger;

8.       Acts as the Librarian of all Financial Transactions and maintains records of all Check Vouchers and its attachments in soft copies;

9.       Receives released check vouchers from treasury division, review completeness of attached documents, ensure all pages are stamped “PAID” and file the same in a chronological order, ensues completeness of series and log all series at the designated logbook;

10.    Files all Journal Vouchers in designated cabinets, storage and ensure its completeness;


Periodic Routines


1.       Provide payroll in-charge of schedule of accounts receivable and other cash advance re-payments of employees for payroll deductions every cut-off;

2.       Prepares, reconciles and submits monthly schedule of cash advances of employees that balanced with the General Ledger;

3.       Records and reconciles all claims from insurance, SSS, and other claims;

4.       Prepares request for journal voucher on adjustments pertaining to cash advances’

5.       Prepares bank reconciliation of all bank accounts;


Periodic Routines/Reports to be Prepared:


Reconciliation of the following balance sheet accounts:

                Cash and Cash Equivalents

                                Cash on Hand

                                Revolving Fund

                                Cash in Bank

                                Cash in Bank-Other Currencies

                Accounts Receivable-Trade

                                Contracts Receivable

                                Retention Receivable

                                Allowance for Bad Debts

                                Cost and Estimated Earnings in Excess of Billings on Uncompleted Contra

                Accounts Receivable-Others

                                Accounts Receivable – Officers

                                Accounts Receivable – Employees

                                Advances to Officers and Employees

                                Advances to Suppliers

                                Advances – Subcontractor

                                Claim Receivables

                                Due from Related Parties

                                                Advances to/from Stockholders

                                                Advances to/from Affiliates

                                                Advances to/from Others

                                                Notes Receivable

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