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General Administration & Market Analyst

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Job Overview

The role of the General Administration & Market Analyst for LCISB is two fold.

1. General Administration scope is to provide guidance and assistance for potential franchisee’s set up. This involves acquiring of all relevant and mandatory permits from relevant authorities.

2. Market Analyst role is to provide information as to most ideal locations, sources to acquire potential investors through research and surveys. He/She will need to analyst and evaluate the data and propose to management as to determine the highest probability of success in marketing the TLCP. 


Duties & Responsibility :-

General Administration

  • Develop and maintain SOPs for the operation of the TCLP by the franchisee or branch.
  • Verify all information and particulars of potential investors/franchisee, both personal and company are accurate.
  • Provide guidelines and assistance for potential investors / franchisee to set up a local entity operating the TCLP.
  • Provide guidelines and assistance for potential investors / franchisee to acquire all relevant and mandatory permits to operate the TCLP from relevant authorities.
  • Maintain a system of receipt of payments from franchisees
  • Assist franchisees in ordering of merchandise from HQ or to monitor the order status until received by franchisees.
  • Assist franchisees in liaising with LCISB HQ.
  • Any other general administration works as deem necessary from time to time by Head of GO World Division.

Market Analyst

  • Conduct research on the competitors and analyst the success of their marketing
  • Conduct research as to the ideal locations to set up our TCPL franchise based on population of Muslims, those age 0-4 years old etc. and recommend such locations to the management team.
  • Measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns and strategies.
  • Conduct research to determine the probability of a product or merchandise success.
  • Create and circulate methods for collecting data by surveys or opinion polls and evaluate their results.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience Needed for the Job :-

  • Appropriate first degree
  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent reading comprehension
  • Good analytical skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Good computer skills
  • Good knowledge of marketing strategies
  • Good understanding of company laws and regulations

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